Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bob Hale's Cartoon College: How to Draw Cats

My buddy Brian went to an estate sale recently and found a neat pile of old "Cartooning for Profit" manuals, plus this incredibly fun Bob Hale Cartoon College lesson #3 packet from 1962 on How to Draw Cats-- my favorite animal!! Brian (of MondoPiece Theatre fame) was also cool enough to give all of these great finds to me!! THANKS AGAIN, MAN!! Anyway, I'll spare you the other overly excited and rather long winded introduction pages by Bob Hale himself (except for one, this way you get a proper taste of the artistic enthusiasm he has for all budding young arteests) --and just like a feline, we'll pounce right in with the main point of everything, by golly-- drawing pussy cats!! Hale possessed a very cute, very unique style, and these pages are also a slick showcase on the differences between inking your creations in with a pen vs. a brush.

Now get to work drawing-- and with hours upon hours upon nine lifetimes upon reincarnations, very soon you too can be an ultra rich and famous artist-- just like Bob Hale!


JMR777 said...

For providing you with this neat cartooning manual, I subscribed to Brian's youtube page.
Gotta show appreciation to followers of THOIA, & 'And Everything Else Too'

Any thoughts on creating a youtube page, Karswell? Then again, you have enough irons in the fire as it is, so I won't ask you to take on any more things to do.

as always, Thanks for the posts Karswell, and thank you Brian for the manual.

Mr. Cavin said...

This must be where Don Bluth learned how to draw cats, too. It's just fantastic draftsmanship, of course; but with those brawny kangaroo feet and the strange, low ear placements, every single one of these things looks like a mouse instead of a cat to me. Maybe. Or maybe something else. The original Animaniacs!

Totally cute, though!

Mr. Karswell said...

Good lord not another Karswell site!!! (Ok I'll think about it ;) )

I thought the exact same thing too-- those pussies are meices!!!

Brian Barnes said...

Happy to see it got to the right hands!

I have to say there always seems to be a step missing between the second to last and last drawing!

I know you're keeping the secret of the ultimate joke writing guide to yourself! Power like that shouldn't be let out to the masses!

Mr. Karswell said...

Trying to figure out how I would even post it, it doesn't fit on my scanner!

Thanks again Brian!!