Monday, February 12, 2018

Blooper Girls 1966 Calendar

ADULTS ONLY! More bouncy, busty bloopers as documented by veteran NY radio and TV producer, Kermit Schafer (see my other two related posts HERE), and this time instead of a black and white paperback presentation format, we get a nice, colorful, year long calendar (from 1966) full of shapely, and hilariously, naked ladies to gawk at. Yes, whether you're a hoer, an intercourse champ, or just out for a free goose, these authentic broadcasted boners will definitely tickle yours! Art credit goes to amazing adman, and occasional children's book illustrator, Pete Anderson. It's hysterical to me how small the actual calendar info is on each page! Make way for the babes!!! This is absolutely my favorite kind of vintage ephemera to find at the antique mall.


JMR777 said...

Too bad they didn't find a way to mention the blooper for 7UP, its a great big seven and then U - P.

Soitenly, Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

Mr. Cavin said...

Hey, you don't see a lot of colored pencil art in places like this. It's an interesting look.

-3- said...

I've been digging through a lot of old calendars in the past six months, but this is the delightfully oddest of the lot, hands down. I do believe this will be my 2022 calendar.

Now i've got to go learn more about Pete Anderson. Thanks for yet another cool pointer for my cultural archeology digs.