Sunday, February 5, 2017

70's Super Sugar Crisp Commercial Animation Cel

Received an amazing gift this week: a vintage 70's Super Sugar Crisp cereal animation cel, featuring not only my favorite breakfast food mascot ever (Sugar Bear), but also a rad robot! This 4 layer combo of hand painted awesomeness is from a commercial that I have unfortunately not been able to find on youtube-- if someone else knows another place to search for it online, please let me know! I've photographed all 4 levels of it assembled in order below, because it's a little larger than my scanner. Condition is a bit rough in places because of its age, typically, but man it's such an incredible piece, and I love all the stuff on the table-- especially the cereal box! Super sugar thanks again to my equally cereal obsessed partner in crime for the extra sweetness this week! 💖


Mr. Cavin said...

It's just glorious man. As someone who also really loves cartoons and indulges an (nitty-bitty) original cell collection, I can say, with zero doubt in my mind, that I would have bought that up in a hot second if I'd seen it for sale somewhere. Sadly, my last decent vendor dried-up with the Atlanta Fantasy Fair back in the nineties. I know the internet has made collectibles much easier to find than ever before; but at the same time, it's hard to browse the internet for objects I am ignorant of. I would never have imagined that this commercial animation survived in physical form. I'm delighted.

Craftypants Carol said...

Neat! The whole table is awesome! The toasts with butter and the milk glass and pitcher are soo cool!