Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hillbilly Game Book ('67) from Mountain Dew

A recent chance meeting at an antique mall with a Pepsi Product collector led me to finally acquiring something I've spent most of my entire life searching for-- the freebie giveaway Hillbilly Game Book from Mountain Dew! I probably paid too much for it, but unlike the few I have encountered in the past (specifically on eBay) this one is in near mint condition, and for a 60's game book-- NOT SCRIBBLED IN AT'ALL!!! YA-HOOO!!! Incredibly illustrated in the fun, cartoony hillbilly style that Mountain Dew eventually ditched for their more familiar "action extreme" image, this hilarious little booklet from '67 is packed full of wonderfully corny gags, puzzles, colorin' pages and OMG even an order form for two more things I guess I shall now begin my hunt for! (*kicks a can.) And what's this post got to do with Holler'ween, ya ask? Borrow some of them thar riddles to git some sugar coated vittles while yer out trick 'r treatin' this year! Ooo-wee, thems makes yo' Pappy giggle!

ALSO: If you've never seen the very first, fully animated Mountain Dew commercial, CLICK HERE! Shor' do wish the game book had some more of beautiful Sal! xXx


Mr. Cavin said...

Hey that knothole joke was actually really funny. I'm so glad you found this, and that you posted it for us. Can't wait to see what you look like in that hat.

Craftypants Carol said...

Awesome!! I'm so happy for you that you finally found this. And in such amazing condition! No one even tried to follow them dots or nothin!

I'm off now to count them hillbillies and git grandpapy home!

Armpit Studios said...

It boggles the mind that Mountain Dew went from this to the goddamn eXtRemE crap it uses for marketing now. At least we have Throwback to ease the pain.

Mr. Karswell said...

It's my favorite soda forever, but yeah if they brought back the hillbillies I'd be in total heaven!

Thanks for the comments, 🎃

Armpit Studios said...

At least we have the hillbilly with the jug on the Throwback and Dewshine packaging. Some SOMEBODY at Mountain Dew knows what the people want.