Monday, April 13, 2015

Munsters Latex Squeak Toys

Some of you already saw these when I first posted them on Facebook a few months back, but I thought I'd share them with everyone since The Munsters, (being monsters), fall into our horror filled month of Halloween in April! These are from Spain --check the header card scans at the end of the post, and made of latex rubber. They are very soft and they squeak just like a pet toy when you squish them, (maybe these actually are for animals, who knows?) I photographed them from every angle, because as you will see, they are hilarious from every angle. Licensed by Warner Brothers too, in case anyone is wondering why the Hell there are Looney Tunes characters on the header card. A super fun toy set from the 60's, and wonderfully "off model", these spring up on eBay occasionally so keep your eyes peeled, --you know you can't live without them once you know about 'em!


Craftypants Carol said...

man herman munster is the best! he's so goofy!

these are great! im glad you took them out of the bags

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Really cool, no bobble heads or something, just neat figures.
I like the lady and the kid best, but Hermann's got a red lipstick on, so maybe he is a little tired of his family routine.

Mr. Cavin said...

I do feel like I should track down and get that awesome Eddie. His little wolfman doll is amazing! I still think Lily looks like she's wearing a Science Patrol uniform. Only she inexplicably wearing the necktie as a belt.

Mr. Karswell said...

> im glad you took them out of the bags

It was just a couple staples holding the bend back header card together, easy to put together again if they need to be back in their bags :)

>Hermann's got a red lipstick on

I always thought it was funny that the Creature from the Black Lagoon had red lips when I first started seeing color pix of him

>His little wolfman doll is amazing!

Eddie is also the cutest from every angle, no matter how you pose him he totally looks like he's up to something!