Friday, March 14, 2014

Playboy Femlins! (PART TWO)

If you missed PART ONE of our sensationally sexy, sizzlingly frisky glimpse into the wild and wonderful world of Femlins then click HERE immediately! While you're there you may also want to comment with your own opinion about whether they're wearing pumps with stockings or tight thigh high boots! (I'm now leaning more towards the dipped in chocolate style that Mr. C suggested!) Anyway, another two dozen images scanned at 600% so you can really get yourself an eyeful... hey, if you're all good then maybe I'll deliver a part three somewhere's down the road in a future post-- and if you're all extremely naughty I will DEFINITELY deliver a third installment! Enjoy!


Craftypants Carol said...

man i really love that first one in the ash tray - the way her arm and leg match up - but also the teeny little cigarette she's holding :)

but once again they're all super cute!!!!

and i guess i'll be the only one to mention this - but the dudes are all kinda sexy and cool looking too!

and i've always thought - esp based on the images like the first one with no heel - that they're stockings and shoes. but the boot and chocolate fantasies sound a-ok to me too!

Mr. Karswell said...

I will agree with you on the dashing men illustrations-- that's the sign of a real artist!

JMR777 said...

The pic of the femlin holding up the set of keys looks like a mini Marilyn Monroe.

Here is a way to please everyone-
Some femlins wear black stockings,
Some femlins wear thigh high boots,
Only the best femlins go about their business in chocolate covered legs.

I wonder if there will ever be a femlin app someday.

Brian Barnes said...

I suspect they made a lot of these, but (porcelain?) probably cracked, broke, or just disintegrated with age.

Curious, I hit ebay. A nice looking one (with a broken hand) was sold for $910.00. Another complete one has a buy now price over 2K, starting at 1.6K.

Ah. the fate of nick-nacks!

Mr. Cavin said...

I'm kind of impressed that the plaster figures were so tall. Fifteen inches is way bigger than the these little women are depicted in the art. I'd love to see a whole line of California Raisin-sized black and white Femlin PVC figurines in cute little poses (suave seventies accessories like a little black address book or full-size champagne flute sold separately). That could easily be my favorite coin-op toy vending machine ever.

I think my favorite picture today is number twenty-nine. That's kind of an unexpected image (though I suspect that, even two decades in, there had already been a lot of creatively unexpected images). I imagine the happy little woman eventually gets the whole wishbone, but not before she's all greased up with chicken fat.

Mr. Karswell said...

A femlins app might be the million dollar idea of the week! And I would totally love to see a line of tiny femlins figures in various poses sold in gum ball machines everywhere thst fine men's adult mags are sold. Wait, does anyone actually buy adult mags anymore since the invention of the Internet?

Crafty C said...