Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stix, Baer, & Fuller Xmas Toy Catalog (1960) PART ONE

Stix, Baer & Fuller was a department store chain located here in STL MO that operated from 1892 until they finally went under in 1984. I have fond memories of going to the one in South County mall during my childhood, and especially remember their amazing toy department! Today I have the first in a two-part post featuring highlights from their 1960 xmas toy catalog that is seriously jam packed with outstanding kid stuff, not to mention dazzling store mascot Mr. Wish "painting an exciting scene of surprises shiny and new!" Hey, I'll take the totally off-model Quick Draw McGraw and Huckleberry Hound stuffed characters, as well as the Screwball board game, Nudnik Stationary set, and Toy Tote Bag! I love the Marybel doll who comes with a set of crutches and casts for her poor lil busted limbs-- aw! PART TWO coming up next, and yeah it's still Xmas in July here at AEET, for a few more posts anyway!

(to be continued...)


Crafty C said...

oh man! i LOVE this stuff!!! that Fisher Price "Nifty" Station Wagon is so freaking cool!! it looks like it's got a plaid interior or something! man! and that freakishly narrow dollhouse is really cool too!

and of course i love all the coke stuff and the ice cream maker. and the Toy Tote Bag with the cute illustrated girl covered diary and wallet and photo album. man that stuff is so great!

and i love those plates in the Mirro Aluminum Toys set - how the plates have that cartoon illustration on them - even though i cant tell what it is.

and the portable record player with the people dancing on the inside cover! i love that!

and man - why dont more toys use the word viaduct in them???? seriously.

and man - the magnetic dancing people are so cute and the freaking Hot Potato game! man! you get your own frying pan!!!

ok - i'm done gushing all over the place. now where can i actually find my own Fisher Price Nifty Wagon Viaduct Highway game????

Brian Barnes said...

I'm man enough to admit this -- T2-6 is one sexy dog!

Mr. Karswell said...

>where can i actually find my own Fisher Price Nifty Wagon Viaduct Highway

Looks like there's 4 on ebay right now! Best "BUY IT NOW" offers starting at around $100.00!

Here's one:

>T2-6 is one sexy dog!

Lazy Champ!

Crafty C said...

omg! that is seriously cool! and it does have a plaid (or checked) interior!!!!!! that's so freaking cool!

but what about the viaduct part? that's very important to me. i guess i could make my own.

Mr. Karswell said...


Mr. Cavin said...

Wow, (nearly) all photographic illustrations (I noticed there was at least one hand drown girl added to a photo of the product). That's amazing! It's so nice to see what these things really looked like. I'll bet that "Girl's Toy Luggage Set" is more well-crafted than the adult luggage I have to pay hundreds of dollars apiece for.

I'd also like to give that plastic camera a whirl. Can they really mean it shot 120 film? That's great. In a couple of years, Kodak would introduce 126 film in a cheap, no-hassle plastic cartridge for low-end cameras (to be replaced, in turn, by the tiny 110 film cartridges we all remember from the early seventies). But this cheap plastic camera from the sixties took lomo photos onto premium medium format film stock. I'd love to try that at home.

Mr. Karswell said...

That camera is indeed awesome, my first was a Vivatar