Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stix, Baer, & Fuller Xmas Toy Catalog (1960) PART TWO

More highlights from the Stix, Baer, and Fuller 1960 toy catalog (see previous post HERE for more details), as we continue our Xmas in July celebration-- ummm, it's not really so much a celebration about xmas, but more a celebration about cool toys which of course require absolutely no special holiday. I'll take the Cape Canaveral Play Set, the T28-4 Rocket Launching Station, the T35-9 Astro Base (I'm definitely in space man mode this year!), and the Fast Draw Cowboy Timer (for my inner cowboy.) And man, I'd love to hear that band of wizard monkeys rockin out together, or find out what that girl is doing to piss off that kid at the Super Duper Market-- yep, junior is certainly getting more life lessons than he initially bargained for! Hope everyone enjoyed this time machine look back at this great old toy catalog. A bit more xmas fun up next too-- you better be good for goodness sake!


Crafty C said...

wow! so obv that square, mid cent modern design miniature plate set is at the top of my list!

i like that little fairy land car thing too. AND the Speedy Toboggan and Auto Traffic Game sets with the wind up metal cars. those are cool!!

i like a ll the kitchen stuff a lot, but i also like the Girder and Turnpike builder set - mostly cause of the name though (if only there was a viaduct in there too!!).

i think i'm more interested in what the VIP Telephoning Bear sounds like than the Wizard Monkeys though.

and i think that little girl squeezed the Charmin :(

Mr. Karswell said...

I've decided I want the electric hot rod race game (featured on the page with electric sports games!) those winding roads and overall concept and design remind me of the miniature dark ride I want to build with Zander when he gets a little older

Crafty C said...

yeah - that is pretty cool. i love all the little buildings and things scattered around.

you need to make miniature wind up metal dark ride cars with people painted on the sides! that would be sooo cute!

Mr. Karswell said...

If the logistics of making it electronic turn out to be too difficult, I might just create it more as a play set, or even board game with some mystery to solve... still thinking about it

Crafty C said...

A board game with teeny wind-up metal cars!!

Mr. Cavin said...

I love the nearly cubular tin T28-4 Jupiter launch pad. Actually, I think the idea of folding tin into a cube and painting details on the outside is kind of genius. You could make windows on four sides, with gross-out scenes like classic Topps cards, and then stack up whole cities. You could also paint 'em like crazy cars and weird pedestrians and stuff. They'd be like trading LEGOs.

I used to want to design toys so bad.

The football player of the damned, with his crazy smile and his cat eyes, and too much bronzer, sort of freaks me out; but I really dig the picture of the pint-sized western sweethearts holding hands in front of the Round-Up Time tent. Couple of empty word balloons, and that's a Facebook image macro waiting to meme.

Brian Barnes said...

What the heck is up with that supermarket picture?

"I would like some danty gloves, much like the ones I am wearing now."

"Get lost lady, the great star god demands we only have baby-sized cans and non-existent free lemonade! Do you want to be hit by his hammer?"