Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The World of Barbie '64

The very first issue of "The World of Barbie Annual Magazine" was published by Mattel in 1964 and featured Barbie and her friends in a variety of fun photographic situations of travel, party, fantasy, and fashion... I really love the miniature set design and View Master vibe of these warm, atmospheric images. Today's post features highlights from the Once Upon a Time, When I Grow Up, and the Barbie and Ken Fly Around the World sections. We'll see more from this premiere issue in our next post-- including more excursions into Fashionland, holiday get-togethers, a Barbie recipe or two, PLUS an astro-riffic trip into outer space!


Crafty C said...

wow. this is so much more elaborate than i though it would be - with all the different settings and props and stuff. where did the wolf in checkered pants come from?

and i would pretty much kill to see a whole freaking layout of the Busy Airpot pic. i LOVE that!!!

and i love the stripy shirt in the last pic! but man - that Thousand and One Nights is sooo cool too.

wow. this is really great :D

Mr. Cavin said...

Wait. You've been stringing me along about the coming astronaut stuff for days now, knowing perfectly well that Ken's a damned werewolf? Holy crap, that's the best thing I've ever seen.

PS, that surgical scene needs to be re-lit into a horror movie still. "Barbie's certainly a maniac about science!"

Mr. Karswell said...

Mr C, I knew you were gonna say something about werewolves and that surgical scene!! I think it's time we finally team up and make that Dr. Wolf Man movie.

Carol: I love that airport pic too, unfortunately that's all there is for it in this issue-- but there is more high flying action on the way in the next post! Who wants to go to the moon?