Thursday, April 18, 2013

Barbie and Ken '62 (PART TWO)

And now for the last half of the Barbie and Ken '62 catalog from Mattel (click HERE for the first half), picking up with Mix 'n Match Fashion Paks and patterns, board game, Dream House, and Ken Ken Ken-- HE'S A DOLL!!! (I particularly love the CASUALS #782 illustration of him where he has become temporarily possessed by a Candarian Demon!) And let's not forget Barbie's cute NEW best friend, Midge! I wonder if it's possible to contact Mattel and find out who was the artist on these catalogs from this era? Or does anyone already know? It is truly brilliant work. Okay, lots more Barbie stuff on the way here this month at AEET-- but just a heads up, first we'll take a food break and celebrate a Birthday with some delicious Jello treats-- NEXT!


Crafty C said...

birthday??? who could possibly be having a birthday?

man - i seriously love the little accessories. all those little shoes and the tortoise shell glasses and Ken's keyrings. man! and the little pink phone!!!! that board game looks amazing. i wonder what the teen-age girl activities are. and i LOVE those Sew-Easy patterns! i can't imagine trying to sew some of these teeny clothes though. my mom crocheted my sister and i a bridal gown and brides maid dress for our barbies and those were pretty cool.

man - this stuff is really amazing!

Mr. Cavin said...

Ha ha, Ken's Sport Shorts outfit is so super dorky (but on the other hand, I might consider wearing the Dream Boat stuff myself, especially that hat. Pretty village, here I come)! Taken together, that whole page looks like Peter Parker's graduating class photo--once Romita took over and the book finally at long last became the romance comic it was intended to be.

Mr. Karswell said...

Haha, I'd love to hear from someone that has played that board game, it looks great!

K. Henderson Fine Art said...

I just discovered your blog. Love it!
I have that Barbie game (as well as another one). I also used to have the Barbie dream house. I think my sister has it now. Brings back some great memories!