Thursday, September 1, 2011

October Country

I cracked a joke on facebook the other day about "skipping September" altogether and heading "straight into October Country instead." Alot of people "liked" this idea, which got me thinking about applying this concept to my blog (not THOIA of course, everyday is Halloween over there.) But simply put, why wait until October for a month of spooky posts, when I can get a jump on it and get the countdown started here now? And what better way to kick it off than with eerie art selections by Joe Mugnaini, taken right from the pages of Ray Bradbury's brilliant collection of short horror tales "The October Country."

"The Dwarf"


"The Scythe"

"The Wind" 

"The Man Upstairs"

"The Cistern"



Prof. Grewbeard said...

awesome, i'd forgotten about these illustrations, my copy has a different cover though...

Mr. Cavin said...

All my old favorites. These (and also the illustrations in the Halloween Tree, of course) could not have had a greater influence in molding the man I am today. The words in those books, too.

But what cover does yours have, prof.? This is what I always thought of as the classic (and, frankly, this cover is my favorite illustration in the book). I'd love to see another one.

I also love Braddbury's own stuff. Two Halloweens ago, my sweetie got me this for my birthday. It's very awesome. Looking it up today, so I could include it in my comment, I notice that there is a companion image (see here). Good thing my birthday's coming up again.

Mr. Karswell said...

Those are gorgeous Mr C, thanks for letting me know about them... and yeah Prof, let's see what version of this book that you have, MCB could use an update anyway!

Drazen said...

my copy had different title type.
the cover is amazing..those houses and colours are too cool. I have one of his books on painting and a art book on was supposed to come out last year that looked fantastic but no sign of it that i can tell.
I always loved the opening of Bradburys tv show when he's sitting in his basemtent (or room) surrounded by all his stuff.

That Hank said...

Mine has a different cover. I'll see if I can lay hands on it. The illustration for The Skeleton always scared me as a kid.