Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to Talk Pure Ozark in One Easy Lesson

Funny stuff from fellow hillbilly MO native Dale Freeman in 1961, with original illustrations by Bob Palmer (Ozark Postcard Publishers, Kimberling MO.) Dale was the former Managing Editor of Springfield Newspaper in Springfield, MO. and many of the words and phrases in this glossary of Ozarkese originally appeared in featured stories written over half a century ago. Injoy!


David Wahl said...

Man, you hit my nostalgia button dead on with one. My grandparents used to live on Beaver Lake and I remember this from every tourist spot we'd visit. Thanks!

Karswell said...

We had multiple copies of this throughout most of my childhood too... the one posted here I actually bought off ebay after suddenly remembering it existed one day... looked it up, and presto! Buy it now and it's mine again!

Thanks for lookin', David!

Anonymous said...

My aunt has this booklet too purchased at one of the shops on the Bagnell Dam strip back in the 70s. I still look at it when I go over to her house........... verycool post Karswell.