Tuesday, September 12, 2023

A "Foot Form-al" Talk

Found this fun Pingree Company advertising shoe brochure from the late 1800's yesterday. Cute little Victorian era girls replace the toes, and then it opens up and becomes two bare feet, while, cleverly enough, still never even showing you an actual shoe. This ad in particular is stamped on the back by local STL shoe company, J. G. Brandt. Googling around for more info, it seems JGB is long gone, (though they did produce a variety of colorfully attractive Victorian era postcard adverts as well.) Meanwhile, The Pingree Company is still going strong and still making shoes in Detroit. The Hazen S. Pingree wiki entry, aka the man who started it all, is also full of fascinating information, click HERE for it. 


Brian Barnes said...

I never thought I'd find some material for both my Severed Head Victorian Lady and Foot Fetish kinks together but here we are!

JMR777 said...

The fact that this paper item from the 1880's survived, and in such good shape is amazing.

Undoubtedly thousands of these brochures were printed back then and ended up being thrown away, no one back then thought the artwork would be appreciated in decades to come.

Thanks for showing us another survivor of years gone by, Karswell.

Mr. Cavin said...

I feel like the Victorian children was a weird touch. I can't quite imagine the brainstorm that led to that. It comes off kookier the more I look. I also really like the idea of a shoe ad that is all about feet. The hinge seems to be some kind of tape--I assume that's a (relatively) modern repair job?

Mr. Karswell said...

Yes at some point the tiny paper hinge that linked the feet together broke and someone taped them together, which was smart because the whole ad centerfold relies on the text reading across both sides.

More survivors of years gone by up next-- thank you as always for the comments!