Saturday, January 21, 2023

Return of the Casket Cuties

I'm feeling like I haven't posted enough about tiny caskets this month (click HERE if you missed it), so here we go with another morbidly macabre mini, which is in fact not a casket at all, but instead a blue satin lined, hinged jewelry box atop a junked, mirrored ex-wall clock. No way could I possibly pass this thing up when I first saw it, no matter how disgustingly dirty and reeking of the grave it is, covered in a century of grit 'n grime, spider webs, moldy and awful to the touch-- because clearly it was originally intended for all eternity to be stored inside a decrepit, time-rotted crypt somewhere --until I unearthed it! Yes, poor condition over all, but thankfully this only lends a much more sinisterly sick, and fully accurate appearance, especially once I added my undead Graf Orlok, aka Nosferatu "Silent Screamers" action figure (Aztech Toys, 2000) to the scene. Flip the clock on its side, prop the jewelry box lid open a bit, add monster, and presto-- instant casket carnage! Doesn't it just look perfectly horrible? Also, any true blooded 60's / 70's monster kid, like myself, who grew up on Munsters re-runs will tell you that a casket propped up on its end can also translate into only one other thing-- a telephone booth! So, digging out my Lily Munster Select action figure (2012), I did two-- two-- two photo sessions in one! Isn't she stunning? Now of course, we all know that a mini Mr. Barlow emerging from within this thing is actually the most terrifyin' way to go. Unfortunately, my life-sized version (as seen HERE) just wouldn't fit. And hey, while we're on the subject-- get my new VAMPIRES comic still available HERE and in stores everywhere!


Mr. Cavin said...

Yeah, I couldn't look at the top of that thing and *not* think "coffin". Even the blue color screams funeral parlor. I wonder if these things were actually popular? It must have been a little creepy for normal, non-morbid people to stow their jewelry in there.

Love the black and white photos!

Brian Barnes said...

Very nice photos!

I think the aged look of the jewelry box really helps sell the coffin idea. I wonder if you could find stuff at a hardware store that could mimic the hand holds of a coffin? Then it'd be complete!

Craftypants Carol said...

Man, you're doing an amazing job with these. This one is so awesomely dank and freaky looking - it seriously looks like it was made for him!

Mr. Karswell said...

Thanks for the comments-- and yes I may work on it a bit more to really make that thing a coffin with some side handles, and maybe even a grody fluffy pillow