Thursday, December 15, 2022

70's Hamburger Radio

From the beautifully delicate, 1920's boudoir dolls, to kitschy / tasty 70's hamburger shaped radios, you know that AEET has it all! And it's time to kick out the juicy jams with this full circuit AM variant (comes in a hot dog shape as well) via one plastic beef patty, slice 'o cheese, tuner, volume, on a sesame seedless bun! Unfortunately, the battery compartment is non-functional so I didn't buy it, but I took a bunch of pix for ya'll anyway-- including the hilarious box illustrations of the boy and girl showing you how to use the radio. Okay, you now need some appropriately themed music to chew on too, so without resorting to the unbearably stale Jimmy Buffet staple, CLICK HERE for the top 25 hamburger songs of all time! I recommend the Gang of Four classic with seasoned fries.


Brian Barnes said...

Yes, holding a hamburger to your face listening to AM radio is no way, at all, completely humiliating.

The woman looks happy, but the dude is like "when will this be over with? Yes, I know I'm only a drawing but please let me fade back into oblivion."

"Superheterodyne" -- it's a real thing!

JMR777 said...

Now we know what Ronald, Mayor McCheese, The Fry Kids and Grimace bought Hamburglar for Christmas and his birthday.

Mr. Cavin said...

The tuner and volume knobs look like Oreos. Kind of a weird burger topping, but why not?

Honestly, the how-to illos on the box are totally (always) my favorite part. This time they've indicated an obvious upgrade to the basic gadget: Why not buy two Hamburger Radios and connect them, via barrettes or tiara, like headphones? Hands free!