Tuesday, July 12, 2022


Here's a super neat midcentury Coca Cola advertising sign display I saw in a mid-MO antique mall a few months back. I meant to post these pix a while ago too, but they simply got lost on my desktop until now. Thrilling 3D effect, and everything is slickly die-cut, plus the combination of food photography and illustrated astro space kid (with real antennas!) makes for some extra kitschy fun. It's huge too-- even on its stand it was taller than me by at least a foot or two! That ice cold bottle of bubbly Coke sure looks refreshing, now can anyone identify the alien food dishes?


Brian Barnes said...

Well, that's weird twig and "The Stuff" sandwich is a new entry for "The Gallery of Regrettable Foods!"

That's a very neat piece, it's surprising it lasted all this time it looks incredibly fragile!

Mr. Karswell said...

There really isn't anything pictured there that I wouldn't eat... or at least try, anyway