Thursday, March 17, 2022

Red Lucifer vs. The Countess (Zagone Studios)

HAASHOW 2022 creepy-crawled its way into STL again this year, with 4 fright-filled days of Halloween and haunted attraction awesomeness. Masks, props, animatronics, tee shirts, FX accessories, basically anything and everything gruesome and newsome that puts the big scream into the salivating scare industry. And once again, legendary Zagone Studios was on hand with their killer assortment of incredibly well made, and affordably fun, latex face masks. And boy, was I ever happy to finally pick up a couple of their recent, very limited Collector Edition masks based on original designs from the late 70's: a sinsational Red Lucifer mask, (which I've always wanted since I was a kid), as well as the gorgeously ghastly, hooded variation of The Countess. When these first came out in the 70's (see the very last image at the end of this post) The Countess was actually called "Vampira" and sported a not too flattering head of curly hair. I have to say I like her a lot better in an evil hood! Red Lucifer was also available in a bad ass black variation, --which is actually the one I remember, but I totally think the red version is way hotter! Both masks are hand made and painted by Anthony Zagone, and come with an initialized header card, also by the main man himself! I'm heading back to HAASHOW today to see what other horrifyin' things I can scare up! Stay tombed for more related posts here at AEET --and of course over at THOIA too!


Doc Briar said...

Hi, Karswell. I recall seeing these or similar ones as a tyke. They creeped me out. They look organic and asymmetrical, thus more effective.
Around these parts it was homemade or Ben Cooper. Never saw anyone wearing them.

Mr. Cavin said...

Score! Lucifer's forehead veins are totally awesome. I like to think that the devil is a little bit of a scanner. I see that the paint job on his face was switched in the classic red model, white veins on ruddy skin, but I dig this a lot more. You got the black version's makeup in the red hood, which is the best of both worlds.

What I love most about both these masks is the surface texture (which shows up really well in that sunbeam). Can't wait to see what else you find over the weekend.

Brian Barnes said...

Those are really nice sculpts! The devil's especially, the texture on the lips, the rough skin around the eyes and the veins working their way into the horns.

I love the cheekbones on the countess. Very nice work, and I should know because my little dog 'n' pony show depends on Zagone masks!

Craftypants Carol said...

Cool! I wanna see them on the scantily clad mannequins!

Mr. Karswell said...

It was Ben Cooper classics at my house too, though we occasionally ventured into the city and looked at the scarier, pricier big boy masks at a Magic Store that unfortunately no longer exists. A kid can dream, can't he?

Thanks for the comments, more mask madness up next!

(And no, CPC, --I'm not putting the masks on my mannequins!! hahahaha)