Thursday, January 28, 2021

Devil Shake '66

 In 1966, Pepsi made a short-lived, milk-based chocolate drink attempt to compete (and even join) with Yoo-Hoo Corp, but due to a whole bunch of reasons (that you can read about HERE) it just wasn't happenin'. Anyway, since I collect cool old soda bottles and kitschy 60's devil stuff, spotting this baby on a shelf really made my day! Unfortunately, it's not in the greatest condition, but still cool as Hell. Literally. And check out the Devil Shake radio jingle HERE!


Mr. Cavin said...

I've never been any kind of a bottled chocolate drink fan--heck, I never even liked the little half-pint cartons of chocolate milk we used to get at school--but this is a really cool bottle. If I am seeing this picture right, the red-colored stuff is the "Devil Shake" branding written in red on the opposite side of the bottle. This makes it different from the examples I see online. Those have a red and orange picket backing the white words, maybe on both sides. Makes me think this design is pretty rare.

Mr. Karswell said...

Agreed. I’m not exactly sure what I’ve found here in relation to other bottles I see online as well. If anyone has any information I’d love to hear it!

Hope to find a groovy can some day as well!

Brian Barnes said...

I love how clean the graphics are on the bottle, probably to help stand out against the brown. Surprising something that fragile and probably rare survived!