Saturday, August 22, 2020

Ancient Age Sports Idea Contest

While I'm definitely not a drinker, nor am I into hunting or fishing, this is still a fun booze booklet full of cute illustrations from Ancient Age bourbon whiskey and printed in 1963. It's filled with contest / patch winning ideas sent in by fishermen and hunters, and there's also a couple pages of drink recipes at the end too, of course. But seriously, I actually enjoyed reading these "tips" as some of them are downright humorous (fishing for crappie with bubble gum), and even ingenious (slip a pair of nylons over your sleeves when cleaning fish), and / or completely baffling to me, for example the one with the illustration that shows you how to hypnotize a snake with your gun barrel before blowing its head off. Annnnnd folks, THAT is why I'm not a hunter.


Craftypants Carol said...

Banana oil?!?! Where the hell do you get that?

Cute booklet! I love the smiling fishies.

Mr. Cavin said...

Certainly the snake charming advice is the most astonishing nugget here. But I am really pretty pleased with the simple narrative elegance of the flypaper strategy, and also the clever MacGyverness of using an outdoor motor to heat the dishwater. From the tips, my favorite illustration is that fish with the toothbrush; but nothing really sends me quite like a bunch of cute two-color mixed drink cartoons (and those fifties cocktail snack balls that I can no longer help thinking of as edible virus models). So great!

Brian Barnes said...

Sure, the fish are drawn happy, but I doubt they are happy about the tips!

I love the illustration of the dog watching the flying pine cones.

Mr. Karswell said...

I guess I most identify with the guys watching TV outside. And it looks like they're watching The Muddy Mudskipper Show, which would most DEFINITELY be me!

Thanks for the comments! :)