Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Porky's Ghost Chasers

Just a few more days and we'll be halfway to Halloween in this *cough cough* cautionary calendar year of 2020, and what better way to celebrate than to hunt down some p-p-p-p-p-petrifying p-p-p-p-p-polterg-g-g-g-geists with our good pal Porky Pig in his Ghost Chasers mobile! This was an early 90's McDonald's Happy Meal toy, and I just adore how the little ghost can be tucked down inside and then bolt up with a BOO! when you push in the yellow grill on the front of the truck. I'll have a few more Halfway to Halloween posts coming up, but for now-- THAT'S ALL FOLKS!


Unknown said...

Got this same toy at a Thrift Store a month or two ago with some other cars, my son loves it!

Mr. Cavin said...

He keeps the captured ghosts in a safe! That's awesome. At first I thought this must be missing stickers to indicate car windows, but now I get it. So cool.

Brian Barnes said...

I love give-a-way toys because they usually have to be produced cheaper, so they tend to have solid colored plastic parts and are very loud and vibrant, as toys should be.

Porky Pig is the exact wrong guy to be hunting ghosts, though!

Mr. Karswell said...

>Got this same toy at a Thrift Store a month or two ago

I think I found mine in the bottom of a bargain bin of random fast food toys

>He keeps the captured ghosts in a safe!

Yeah I was trying to remember if this was actually from a cartoon where he plays a ghost hunter... I'm always surprised that there are still so many I have never seen after originally thinking forever that I had seen them all. Thanks youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion etc

>Porky Pig is the exact wrong guy to be hunting ghosts, though!

Haha, sometimes he does alright, --as long as he doesn't bring Sylvester along with him!

Unknown said...

I had this set when I was a kid, and actually bought some of these again not too long ago for some kids to play with. The theme with this set is things going wacky when their cars crash. So the ghost popping out here is actually Porky failing at his ghost catching business.

The other ones were Bugs in a limo that turns into a compact car, Taz who spins in his seat when the bumper hits something, and probably my favorite--Daffy who has his body exposed when his car splits apart in half.

They're some of the better fast food toys because they don't rely on just the gimmick. The action feature accentuates their play factor as toy cars. Very simple toys, but ones that can have some good play value.