Saturday, May 11, 2019

Assorted Japanese Trinkets

There were so many fab toy stores at Nakano Broadway in Tokyo last year, that I went back nearly a half dozen times in my week long visit just to make sure I didn't miss anything! One store in particular (that I unfortunately cannot remember the name of, but do remember it was on the first floor in the back hallway on the right) had a cool deal on vintage 60's - 70's dime store items, and for $10 (or 1000 yen) you could stick your hand into a giant dump bin assortment overflowing with super stuff and pull out some real treasures!

Some highlights for me were these cardboard discs of varying sizes, featuring the likes of Gold Bat, Kitaro, Ultraman, Cashaan, Monkey King, Getter Robos, and more! I guess these are pogs, yes?

How cute are these Astroboy charms? All you need is some string for a couple of fine necklaces:

Dig this neato plastic belt holster that holds your Ultraman trading cards! Good lord though, this thing doesn't even come close to fitting my waist-- nor would it fit even a 4 year olds!

I'm already ready for New Years Eve with this awesomely loud clicker ( I believe this is Tatsunoko's Space Ace, though he's a bit off model), plus a really great Mazinger Z pinback:

And finally, a couple of neat little cardboard cut-outs of Mighty Atom and Tetsujin 28... whatever purpose they serve, I do not know. If anybody does though-- please let me know! :)

I'll update this post if I can ever remember the name of the store!


JMR777 said...

Even the dime store type items available in Japan back then were ultra cool (Ultraman Ultra Cool?)

Great finds as always Karswell.

Mr. Cavin said...

Totally neat stuff. And was unacquainted With Getter Robo before right this minute, so thanks for cluing me into a new thing.

Guy Callaway said...

The store folk must of been going "what's with this gaijin?".
Great finds!

JBM said...

On the last photo I get the crazy feeling that with a clear cross piece wing they are meant to fly. The boot jets depict flying. Don't know if the robot flies also. That is my wild just for fun guess.