Friday, April 26, 2019

Girl Watcher: Illustrative Excerpts

A handful of sexy / funny articles from my recently aquired copy of Girl Watcher (March 1959) magazine, with examples highlighting a variety of incredibly cute, even beautiful artwork styles. Though not very PC, I'm sure some of you will still find something to smile about, just as much as there are those who will likely find something to frown about in this day and age, I'm afraid...


JMR777 said...

I like the detail art during the subway ride, Ike on the left reading about golf, Need Money? See your Friendly Loanshark, Smoke Butts, Give, to the local beggars fund, etc.

On page two bottom panel, this is what Dr. Frankenstein should have tried to put together in the first place pre-Frankenhooker.

Mr. Cavin said...

Agreed with JMR. I also like the pickpocket joke on the subway illo.

GIRL WATCHER is a title I've never really seen before, just covers here and there. It's interesting to me that while it obviously serves a specific type of clientele (and pretty well, too--this art is superb as always), that it's also quite realistic about the ethical relativism of the lifestyle it ostensibly advertises. I mean, while PLAYBOY was out there totally promising the hygienic cosmopolitan upper-classman Scotch-n-cigars urbanity on the top floor of some private club, this mag was comparing its readers to sewer-dwelling snoops. It's like National Lampoon's CAVALIER. I can certainly dig that.