Saturday, December 23, 2017

CARTOONIST: Irving "Roir" Roth

I don't know much about Irving Roth other than he had 3 brothers who were all popular cartoonists at the same exact time as well-- but boy oh boy do I ever love his stuff! It's loose and funny and looks like nobody else. This is another small sampling selection from the Merry-Go-Round Pictorial Review of the Year book published in 1947 (see my last post for more details.)


Mr. Cavin said...

Strange. I coulda sworn I commented here. I guess in all the holiday hoopla I just failed to hit the necessary buttons in the necessary order. I'm sure that's everyone else's excuse, too! But in the interest of the time machine, have a Christmas Eve tomorrow, Karswell!

I like the cartoons. Occasionally they are a little hurried looking, but that really works for me in several of them. I really like the watercolors, too--dude's technique was pretty amazing.

Mr. Karswell said...

Yeah I was wondering if I uploaded this post incorrectly somehow as even the visitor meter was showing zero views on this post. I love Roir and thought it surprising this post didn't get a single peep. Anyway, thanks for the single peep! Haha