Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sugar Spoon (PART ONE)

This is just the start of a huge mouthful of posts from this spectacular recipe book, and will likely take us to the end of the month, or not-- we'll see how it goes! But needless to say, this spiral bound collection from the Domino Sugar Bowl Kitchen, aka The American Sugar Refining Company of NY (1962) is simply overflowing with magical recipes and exceptionally adorable key art sprinkled throughout. Hold on to your sugar spoons, cuz AEET is about to go deep into super duper, almost unbearably sweet, ultra mega overload!


Crafty C said...

man there's like 6 different styles of animated characters in here! so cute! i really love the cookie with eyelashes :)

Mr. Cavin said...

I wish my house came with a sugar pantry! With lots of room for me in the top corner, too. Although, it looks like it's plenty tough on the knees climbing up in there.

Shwetablog said...