Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hip-Nip Drink Flask

Here's something fun I picked up the other day for $6 at an antique mall: it's a Hip-Nip drink flask with funny art on the bottle and a hilarious boozer head for the bottle cap-- and yes, it's the perfect thing to hold my hillbilly lovin' mountain dews! Google search shows it originally came in a super neat box too, (unfortunately not included with my purchase), and some lucky folks out there might even possess Hip-Nip's sexy counterpart, "Hot-Nip" -- yes, there's a female version too! Produced in the 50's (?) by Garvin-Milbit, you might've been pretty cool 'n kitschy pulling this out of your coat pocket to chug down a swig o'poison back in the day, but definitely not hip(ster!)

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Mr. Cavin said...

Awesome! I almost wish it had a swank fifties party dad head, complete with comb-over and horn rims (like Dennis the Menace's pop, maybe) instead of this boozer--but only just. Mostly, it seems like it would fit that great checkered sport coat better.

I would totally use that to carry my travel-size mouthwash around in. The TSA guys would flip!

J_D_La_Rue_67 said...

Only 6 bucks for such a gem? Really cool! Yeah, I could even drink mouthwash/shave lotion from that (mixed with some other things maybe). Hairdressing and suntan oil I don't know.
I've checked Hot Nip. OK, but not so hot as I thought.

Craftypants Carol said...

finally something to carry your malted around in