Tuesday, September 2, 2014

'Cheap' Skate

We had another rough night here in Missouri with all the emergency storm warnings and tornados, power outages, etc... Hell, I woke up this morning to find one of the trees in my front yard had been uprooted! Thanks Mother Nature >:( Anyway, sounds like it wasn't just in my area either, as we check in with 'ol 'Cheap' Skate to see how he spent his own wild 'n wooly evening.

Originally featured in Spook Comics #1, 1946.



Mr. Cavin said...

Damn, man, your neck of the woods just doesn't seem to let-up lately. Between the three worst things--tear gas riots, hornets, tornadoes; it's like a SyFy movie--I guess we can all be relieved it was the bugs that actually got ya. But still.

Cute story. When I close my eyes, I pretend it was drawn by Dick Briefer instead. It's easy to do because it seems like such a Briefer story already.

Mr. Karswell said...

Yeah I'm not exactly sure what category E tornado it was that touched down about 8 houses down from us last night, but it exploded a couple trees and tore the roof off the Hoods Hardware store in House Springs. Scary night... and not in a good way

Brian Barnes said...

Geeze, Karswell, Maybe the crazies are right and dealing with horror comics does invite bad luck :)

I'd like to say about this story "ah, the little rascals did it better" but then that's just always true, isn't it?

Mr. Karswell said...

It's hard to beat the Little Rascals, yes... but I'm not sure if they ever did it better in a comic book. If they did, I'd sure love to see it!

Crafty C said...

I missed this post!

Hardy har har. It doesn't pay to be cheap that's for sho

Mr. Karswell said...