Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ortho Garden Digest '53

Just in time for all of your end of summer gardening needs (AEET does it again!) comes artistic highlights from this great little 50's booklet published by the California Spray-Chemical Corporation, Richmond, CA. This 35+ page guide seriously has it all for indoor / outdoor plant care; beauty, fertilizing, charting, weed control, bugs, etc... and what it really has that other booklets of this type don't is all of the super amazing Wyatt & Wallace key art generously sprinkled throughout. Enjoy this post-- and be happy we finally figured out what was up with the scanner!


Craftypants Carol said...

man that cover is really fabulous. i love everything. the apple tree, the flowers, the brick grill, the kid mowing the lawn. all the cool trees and the drinks on the umbrella table. the font. and all the smiling people :)

i love the little girl with the dark hair holding the flowers on the inside too.

really neat

Mr. Karswell said...

I like the little kid building the snowman under the terrible blow of old man winter!

Craftypants Carol said...

yeah. he's really happy too :)

Mr. Cavin said...

Some things seem to be a little creepier personified, though. Especially the cross-views of the happy- and sad-faced flowers, what with their pale, skeletal roots buried in the soil beneath them. Shudder. Or the cosmic sperm bombarding the tree in scan number six. All those tiny two-and three-up illustrations are my faves here. Some because I like the way the halftones look enlarged so much, but in the case of number six (again), it's due to those excellent bugs. I would love to see this commercial artist tackle some Starship Troopers-esgue fifties sci-fi.