Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tuna Round the World!

Had me a couple of delicious sushi birthday meals this past weekend, and as usual, this got me thinking about my blog, as well as a 1960's Van Camp Sea Food Company "Chicken of the Sea" booklet I have featuring everyone's favorite blonde mermaid cutie and a tremendous, overflowing net catch haul of amazing illustrations and tuna style recipes from "round the world!"


Craftypants Carol said...

wow. the tuna TV dinner totally blew my mind man. i'm still having a hard time getting over that.

i love all the freaking illustrations here. they are seriously all so fab! but i think my fave one might have to be that Tuna Cheesewich guy. who the hell is is and what's in his mouth???? is he smoking a hands free hookah while ice skating in genie ice skates??? my guess is they were trying to come up with something middle eastern to go with him but couldn't and just stuck him on the cheese sandwich.

which brings me to the recipes. i wanted to want to make all of them but most of them are super bland (noodles, tuna, tomato sauce and oregano if you have it for Tuna Italiano?). I do, however, really like the looks of that Tuna Curry in a hurry so if i get around to making that i'll give you a heads up.

Mr. Cavin said...

Damn, she always says, like, every single thing I'm planning to say, which really pushes me to try coming up with something else. Ditto on the Cheesewich dude, then. I thought maybe he was a Frisco FTD delivery guy? Or at least I did when I had to look at it again and come up with something Carol didn't already say.

I like that Aladdin dude on his carpet, too, but probably the tuna creole girl is my favorite here. Not counting the mermaid, of course.

Mr. Karswell said...

I'm into the Tuna 'n Beans fisherman, and the hula girl of course!

More cute food stuff up next-- and then after that things are gonna turn ugly around here.

veg-o-matic said...

Cheesewich dude is Dutch, smoking one of those long Dutch pipes. I could Google what they're called but I'm lazy.
As for the recipes... Yeesh. Those all just sound nasty--and I love Mid-Century recipes.

JMR777 said...

Tuna pie?

Tuna pot pie?


A dish only a cat could love.
And here i thought New Coke was a baaad idea.

Mr. Karswell said...

What??!! Who doesn't like tuna?! Man, I would eat everything in this booklet-- especially those dinners!!

Craftypants Carol said...

i guess i should have guessed that guy was dutch from the tulips. live and learn.

mr cavin you crack me up!

and ok karswell - it'll be a big batch of Tuna Italiano for your next birthday!!!