Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Colorful Colorado

I haven't posted a travel brochure in a while, and this is an exciting one with top notch design from Burlington Route promoting the Vista-Dome Denver Zephyr that sent you sailing on the rails overnight from Chicago to Colorado. A truly beautiful train that took you right into the heart of the most beautiful section of the USA! Great 50's key art mixed with photography and fun typography make this a really wonderful brochure-- some highlights featured below. See more cool AEET Colorado related posts in the archive by clicking HERE!


Crafty C said...

man the cartoony illustrations in here are so great (sorry i'm not a proper terminology buff)! i really love the green lenses on the man's sunglasses and the smiling kids on the 4th page, and everything on the 6th page. but then i looked a little closer and it seems that the man in the Slumbercoach has his own private toilet alright. but it's right next to his head when he's sleeping! wtf? I'd pay a little extra for a Pullman Roomette thank you very much.

Mr. Cavin said...

Lovely! Golf clubs and skis all at the same time; that's maybe a bit more inclusive than I want to pack-out for, though. You can tell that dad couldn't decide which kind of gloves to wear for which activity, so he just went with the pair that matched his snazzy lenses. I wish there was more from the train experience itself in this brochure. As Crafty said, page six is magic! It really whets my appetite to see more.

I wonder if some copy guy fussed that "colorful Colorado" was a bit redundant?

Mr. Karswell said...

I think page 4 delivers the magic mostest, but yeah, page 6 is certainly the bees knobby knees as well