Saturday, January 25, 2014

Parties in Motion

A wonderfully illustrated party booklet jam packed with amazing ideas and recipes "for the soaring 60's", published by the United States Brewers Association, specifically for people who enjoy beer. There's certainly no end to the fun featured here, whether soaking up some rays at the Beach House Party, or adding some pupu to your Polynesian Party --I for one am a fan of the oven fried chicken HoeDown! (PS: If anyone can unearth a link or download to the 13 minute 16mm motion picture "Parties That Soar" as mentioned in the last scan, please add it to the comments here-- THANKS!)


Crafty C said...

i really love all the full page images - everyone looks like they're having a lot of fun and there's lot of dancing going on! but those little images on the second page are so fab! esp the woman on the phone and the woman with the shopping cart.

and yeah - a fried chicken hoe down sounds pretty freaking great

Mr. Cavin said...

The scribbly marker art here is really neat--like they accidentally sent this booklet project up to the architectural dept. rather than commercial illustration. I like the dancers on scan three who look like they are in the middle of a Rock-em Sock-em fight. And is it me, or are architects inordinately fond of young lasses with show queen hair?

Mr. Karswell said...

I too am a big fan of loose marker, and the splashy watercolor use really sends it to another level.

So are we frying up some chicken ourselves for this hoedown or just ringing up the Colonel?

Crafty C said...

I think it sould be a fried chicken sampler hoedown!