Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hanover House '67 Gift Guide (PART TWO)

More item highlights from the pages of the Hanover House '67 mail order gift guide-- yes, they had it all! Whether you're pretend pissing in your own living room urinal, getting bombed off marinated toothpicks, impressing your date with the skimpiest nightie in the world, or just planning to entomb some beautiful butterflies in plastic glass, you know you can depend on Hanover House to deliver the goods!

More coming up in our next post too, and see part one HERE if you missed it!


Crafty C said...

ok that Train Whistle just gave me a heart attack. i want one soooo bad now. that is like the coolest thing ever!!! i also really like that chow-chow train! and i dont even have a thing for trains!

that Holiday Roll toilet paper is pretty great too! and the musical teapot!

but man Knee Warmers?? if your knees are cold arent the rest of your legs and feet cold too??

and i really really want to know what that color TV filter thing made it look like. man.

and im sure the weight-watching recipient of Dieter's Gag Flatware was laughing when they got that until they got home and cried themselves to sleep.

cool Playing Cards too!!

super neato as usual!!!

Mr. Cavin said...

Having frequently stayed out late enough at parties to see people drinking out of the regular ashtrays, I am pretty sure that putting up a hilarious fake urinal in the kitchen is the very worst idea.

This is another great catalog post and another great example of your excellent intro paragraphs, dude. Happy holidays!

Brian Barnes said...

First, I get the wild stallion car attachment, that will, for sure, bring in the chicks.

Then, I present her with the world's shortest nightgown, and that will get her in the mood.

Finally, I lead her to my fabulous bear-skin rug.

Afterwards, we share a smoke with our racists smoking Fiji dolls!

It's a complete night out in a single catalog!

Mr. Karswell said...

Part 3 is now up! Thanks for the comments! I'm hoping to have another look at that fabulous Fredericks of Hollywood Xmas catalog I teased you with a few months back-- if only I could find it! Cross your fingers...