Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rexall '71 (ADVERTISING)

Picking up where we left off in July with another round of early 70's Rexall ads, this time from their 1971 Almanac and Moon Book. This looks like the year they streamlined the iconic logo a bit, losing the oval border and choosing a bolder, thicker hot rod font, plus the addition of the blue and orange slash marks is pretty hip. Open the booklet and find that the clever ad illustration work inside thankfully remains consistent with previous years though, the girls even get sexier (I particularly love the Cara Nome Ultra Care babe), Santa and the Easter Bunny return-- and hey, Russ Meyer himself drops in this time around to help sell toiletry sets! New favorite: the Alumox guy dreamin' about food! Great tagline too: "Too much of a good thing... calls for another!" *burp!


Crafty C said...

oh man! i LOVE that Alumox guy with the above the head food swirl! and yeah the Ultra Care chick is way cool. she looks like she's dancing!!

i also really love the New Awakenings chick. she looks psyched to be walking around outside :)

and i love both the xmas themed ads - the Shari one with the lady standing in front of the tree and the Santa one with the cute little toys!

and the Klenzo couple are cute too!

it's all freaking cute!

Mr. Cavin said...

So we're all in agreement about the Alumox food dreamer, then? He's totally tops. I'm a little creeped out about the love chemicals in the mouthwash ad, though. Kinda rings serial-killery, what with those bottles looking like caustic jugs of photo developer.

Crafty C said...

yeah - i'd think twice before i bought anything that went in my mouth called Klenzo!

Armpit Studios said...

How sweet - they're in love because they have fresh breath.

Mr. Karswell said...


KL from NYC said...

Good additions to the collection.