Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rocket Ride '77 (PART TWO)

Here's the last half of the Estes 1977 Model Rocketry Catalog (see our previous post for the first half.) In this portion we see larger scale rockets, as well as rocket cars, plus more Star Trek models,  the Space Shuttle, Mars Lander, Saturn V, etc... I also included parts and supplies pages, engine charts, launch pads and controllers, related technical reports and publications, and more. Does anyone still have their Model Rocketry is Fun rocketeer t-shirt?


Crafty C said...

I would def be more into the car ones - but i didn't even know stuff like that existed back then. I did have a black Trans Am model car that wound up with globs of glue all over it (I was kind of a messy child) but it just sat there.

KL from NYC said...

I remember that these were popular with several guys in my grade school. They'd travel with their fathers all the way out to Long Island (miles away) to an open field to shoot off the rocket.
After I sent for a copy of the catalogue and showed it to my father, he thought it was stupid: you spend all that money to shoot off a rocket one time?
I rarely agreed with my father's decisions, even when I think of them now, but I agree with this one now (although I didn't then).
How would you explain to a kid today that he's going to spend all that money to build and shoot off a rocket that will probably get lost in a field?
I can't recall why I thought this was cool.

Mr. Karswell said...

I got into rocket building first in school... we built a rocket in shop class as well as rocket cars and raced them down the hallway. The rockets were launched out on the football field. It was definitely a brief fixation for me (as explained in the comments of the previous post), I'm more of the indoor type anyway but I remember it being fun while it lasted.