Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tina Means Sex! + Gee-Whiz Peek-A-Beauts!

In our last post we saw an article from the July 1958 issue of Foto-Rama Vol 5 #12, and as promised here is the cover story / photo lay-out featuring gorgeous, legendary actress / model redhead, Tina Louise-- a mere half decade away from her beloved, sexy role as "Ginger the Movie Star" on Gilligan's Island-- apologies about the scribbles on the cover! Also, post padded out with a handful of "Peek-A-Beauts" from the May 1960 issue of Gee-Whiz! Vol. 3 #28, which features a few more lovely legends like Betty Page, Tempest Storm, and more!


Unknown said...

Hubba hubba! I love Tina in the wheat and Janice Sable's sheer nightie!

Brian Barnes said...

Quiet the collection of 50/60s burlesque queens. There never was a woman as beautiful as Betty Page; it's cliche but there are few woman who were as natural in front of a photographer as Betty.

Like the other great beauty Karswell is familiar with -- Vampira -- Betty Page sadly had a pretty hard life, but near the end finally got some recognition for how important she was in the field on pin-up girls.

Tempest was still stripping up until 1987!

Mr. Cavin said...

My word, Tina Louse's throat is like an anatomy class. I might have to draw that.

Mr. Karswell said...

I'll have more beauts before 2012 is out-- in fact, I may make it a new thing to post some vintage cheesecake at least once monthly! Thoughts?

Thanks for the comments!

Unknown said... you really have to ask?

Anonymous said...

Tina Louise! Va-va-va-vooom!