Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swift Bacon and Other Meaty Treats

Everyone is bonkers for bacon lately, and I wholeheart(clogg)edly agree that it's definitely something to get bonkery about. Today's main post feature is a beautiful early 1960's booklet entitled "Recipes For Swift's Premium Bacon" and contains incredible ways to make bacon somehow even more tantalizing (mmmm, try the Bacon-Avocado Whip, or the Bacon Crax appetizers!) Yes, as some of you are starting to realize, AEET is just as much about good food as it is about good design, typography, and illustraion... so while we're at it, let's marvel at some other fine food product booklet design from Swift & Company, as well as additional temptasting delights you can create with Swift's sausage, ham, etc...





Anonymous said...

These booklets are wonderful, obviously Swift had a very talented art department. I love the funny little scenes on the pages of the sausage booklet, and all of the recipes sound yummy! I may have to try out a few.

Mr. Karswell said...

If anyone does make any of these recipes, let me know how they turn out... thanks for the comment Lisa!

Crafty C said...

i seriously love your meat exclamations off to the side.

i actually made both a bacon and pb sandwich and a bacon and tomato sandwich this week - but that was before i saw this post. now i want to make some bacon muffins cause "Bacon muffins are grand, you see."

and yeah - bacon avocado whip looks pretty amazing. i'm a little scared of bacon crax though.

Mr. Karswell said...

My what exclah-huh-tions?!

Crafty C said...