Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Barmate Bunnies

I'm assuming this BARMATE booklet / advertisment was originally a "pull-out" found in the June '65 issue of Playboy (this issue is mentioned at the bottom of every other page here.) Attractive girls in bunny club costumes, whether foxily photographed or cutely illustrated, make a sweet mix with your Southern Comfort concoction... hell, I'll take one with my Diet Mountain Dew Ice Cream Float!


Mr. Karswell said...

I also want to apologize for the waviness of my scans lately, I think my scanner calibration has gone haywire, or it's about to totally crap out at any moment :(

Anyone know anything about scanners?

Unknown said...

I used to be a bartender in a casino. It was a fun job although eventually the a-holes kind of got to me and I went to bartending/waitressing in a restaurant, which ended me up with sciatica from carrying those heavy trays. Sometimes I miss the bartending part. I really would never want to waitress again! I'm having the kind of night where I'd love to practice my bartending skills and test my concoctions on myself--hic! Ah well...age and medication make it so that's not a realistic possibility but sometimes it is awfully tempting!

DonHo57 said...

I am dyin' here...Southern Comfort has been my source of drinking pleasure and enjoyment since 1975, in these and many other forms. I should have been a bartender when Trader Vic and his pals were first starting out.

Mr. Cavin said...

Sometimes I think that if I had access to a time machine--and the knob was stuck on 1970--the first thing I would do is go to a Playboy Club. How fascinated I always was with Playboy masculinity: the satin sheets, the ridiculous pajamas, the chrome pasta strainers and sauce pots. Curvy, topless European cars. Golf. Lots and lots of chest hair.

I really want that awesome little silver key with the none-too-arcane bunny logo. I always imagined that the Playboy Club was a groovy never-ending costume party.

Otherwise, I am the opposite of DonHo57--I'd rather light Southern Comfort on fire and pour it in my eyes than chill it and put it in my mouth. Any one of these cocktails would be better, according to my own taste, with Jameson (which is the way I drink my manhattans).

The clip art girls here are totally fantastic. What a treasure trove you have Karswell.

(And PS, I do not know much about scanners. If I had to guess, I'd say that wavy line was a moire pattern that you are getting because the scan arm is slowing down and throwing the timing of the imaging software off. Is it less apparent when scanning continuous-tone images like photos? If there is a way to recalibrate, try that.)

Mr. Karswell said...

>fun job although eventually the a-holes kind of got to me

Sounds like my job... acually, it sounds like EVERY job I've ever had.

>Southern Comfort has been my source of drinking pleasure and enjoyment since 1975

I'm afaid I'll have to side with Mr C below, it may be heresey to say it too since Southern Comfort is brewed right here in STL where I live, but I'd rather have a bum piss in my mouth than drink that stuff. Anyway, it's all good, and if you missed my other Southern Comfort post, Mr. Ho, check it out here:


>first thing I would do is go to a Playboy Club.

The Playboy Club here in STL was just a few miles from my house, it closed down long before I was ever old enough to pay it a visit but I remember my Uncle was a member and had one of the keys that dangled from his keychain. He always had Playboy Club matchbooks on him too.

One funny story: the STL Playboy Club was connected to a Ramada Inn here (also gone now) and my 8th grade formal was in one of their ballrooms, right across the hall from the Playboy Club entrance. I don't remember anything about the formal, all I remember is me and a couple of my friends hanging around in the hall and trying to get a peek into the Playboy Club every time the door opened. We did see a couple bunnies, but only briefly.

And on a related note, my freshmen high film teacher had apparently been a bunny back in the late 60's... she even told us up front on the first day of class to avoid the shock of us finding out later on in the year. She was fairly attractive, but hardly what any of us at the time would've considered "bunny material."

Thanks for the comments--this has been such a fun post I think I might just go ahead and post the other BARMATE booklet I have too. Coming up next, don't go away!

Unknown said...

Southern Comfort is too sweet for me. And I know it's blasphemy, but I don't like Crown Royal either. If I'm going to drink bourbon, I'd rather do something like Wild Turkey--well, that's rye, but whatever. I always liked it better than Jack or Jim, back in my wild days. Couldn't touch the stuff now!

Bergie said...

This is everything I thought adulthood would be! Fantastic!

And seconding the Southern Comfort adoration. Damn, i want a hi-ball right now.

Anonymous said...

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