Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Mysta of the Moon

By now, I'm sure many of you have seen Lily Renee's beautiful cover design for the November 1945 issue of Planet Comics #39, it is quite the classic. But how many of you have read the six-page Ross Gallun Mysta of the Moon story inside featuring the fantastic Fran Hopper illustrations? Yes sir, it's time for yet another sexy sci-fi romp from the golden age of good girl art, where we find magnificent Mysta (and her trusty robot) slinking through another action-packed space adventure, clad only in her battlestar bikini and heavenly heels vs. an evil madman and his disintegrating death ray of doom! More info on Mysta HERE!


Brian Barnes said...

"Mysta - create of beauty ***YET*** all knowledge .."

So, if you are pretty, you are usually dumb as a brick? Nice job, author Ross Gallun! Yikes!

Nowhere in this comic is another pretty person, BTW! I love the skull faced robot, but Mysta could really use some of her scientific knowledge to (1) build a lot more of them and (2) give it at least a rudimentary AI designed to protect her. Frankly, nobody would be a match.

I love the disintegration art it's actually pretty ghastly, especially poor Krak who really didn't do anything but get his butt kicked in this.

JMR777 said...

Why does it feel like Mysta and her robot are ancestors of Dr.Frieda Boher and Necron of Necron comics?

Mr. Cavin said...

I always did like the terrifying design of Mysta's robot golem. It's never really explained why the disintegration ray won't work on him--it sure works to amazing visual effect on everything else--but it isn't as if it's possible to cry foul in a story like this one. I mean, how does a robot run on thought waves? How can a glass tube stop them? How does a person project a thought image through a though-control cancelling tube, anyway? How does that image then manage to thought-control the robot after all? Who cares? And that's just one page!

What I do puzzle over is just what Orug's motivation was supposed to be (besides getting Mysta into plenty of cheesecake poses, natch). I mean, he may have targeted her lecture on purpose, we never know, but then he tempts her back to his secret lair? "The cops are on our tail, boys! But slow down, I want them to see where I live!"

The art is very good, effective through and through. I love the first page, especially that WWII searchlights panel at the bottom.