Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas 1967 - '70

What was xmas like in my family for the first few years of my life, you often ponder? Well, here are some highlights starting from the year before I was born in 1967, and up to 1970. You'll see my parents (RIP Pop)... you'll see some tree decoration' at it's finest... you'll see me in PJs (gasp!)... you'll see my first bike and some of my earliest stuffed animals... you'll see me in a bow tie playing an xylophone (gasp again!)... and definitely do not miss the matador painting and the greatest wall clock of all time! You may notice that some of the pics say JAN 70 on them, I guess this is when they were eventually developed? I'll have some '71-'72 xmas action in the next post!


Brian Barnes said...

That's spooky.

I know that seems to be the wrong reaction, but I was born in 1967 (what are ancient people like us doing on the internet?), my family had a wall clock of that style, my dad had a velvet matador painting from Mexico (which I specifically asked for in the will, it's a kitsch masterpiece, I will hang it proudly), and the same kind of sweater/tie combo I had.

Plus the "it's old" hue of the photos, the style of curtains, and the drab brown couch.

Is this a case of everything being mass produced or me re-attaching my childhood whenever I see pictures like this?

It's eerie!

Mr. Karswell said...

Everything we have in common in these photos add up to just one thing, Brian: your eventual destiny to follow my blogs 40+ years later.

And yes, THAT is spooky.

Crafty C said...

It looks like you're high-fiving a ghost in that pic of you on your dad's shoulders!

These are sooo great! I love the one of you screaming next to the tree and the one of you passed out on the couch the best!

Brian Barnes said...

... and buy your comic! It's amazing how long running your plans are to get one more sale!

Mr. Karswell said...

I'm high fivin' the cigarette smoke that plagued the early years of my life! (from my uncle's shoulders, by the way! :)

Brian: I. Am. Your. Father. (somehow)

Chris Sobieniak said...

I'm sure it's no different from the Christmas times of my youth.

Mr. Cavin said...

Your dad's hair rocks.

Mr. Karswell said...

I did not inhairit his hair :(