Wednesday, March 25, 2015

T.V. Nurse Section

The last 9 pages of Archie's Mad House #35 (1964) takes some hilarious pokes at the incredibly popular trend of tv medical shows of the time, as well as at the rabid fans who went seriously deliriously overboard in their obsessions with the genre. Typical fun art and goofball writing, the first scan below features more of the fabulously unique art by the unknown artist of our last post.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Hazards of Skin Diving

I don't know who created this art in the September '64 issue of Archie's Madhouse #35but it's incredibly unique, very slick, and wonderfully stylized work. Can anyone help identify this artist?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Where It's At '75 (PART TWO)

It's still 1975 and we're still in Virginia Beach... last night was a blast and now we're planning out what to do for tonight! I was going to suggest a nice drive up the coastline in a rented convertible (listening to some smooth jams on WFOG of course too!), but, you know, we just got back from Captain Freedom Haircuts so we don't really wanna muss-up the new doos, doo we? Thrill rides at The Loop sounds like fun too, but, you know, the hair... so it's a toss up between seafood (again) at Moonraker (yep, I'm a James Bond fan), or getting our picture taken in a similar manner as the couple in the Buccaneer Lounge photo-- what a treasure! And since we're dressed in our best duds courtesy of Ivey & Tharp, we might be forced to skip the sweaty mustache fest at Noah's aka "The Funkiest Place in Town", and settle for a late night show at the Lido Inn --cuz the guy onstage looks like he's really tearing it up! Go, man, go!

We hope you enjoyed our little trip back in time, check in with AEET regularly for more excursions through the decades of our wonderfully colorful, fashionable past! And hey, before you go, be sure to stop by the offices of Where It's At and say hi to editors Chuck and Don, --you never know, they might be able to help you make your big splash into film or advertising!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Where It's At '75 (PART ONE)

We haven't time traveled in a while, and 1975 sounds like a trip cuz we've got nightlifing on our minds! Now as much as we like to boogie, we also like to eat, drink, shop, and lay around in the sun-- some of us even like to wear our collars extra humungous, and this awesome guide about "Where it's At" in mid 70's Virginia Beach is exploding with ace options! Soooo, after a skin bronzing day at the beach, and since we're already this close to the shore, it's gotta be turf AND surf; seafood at Captain Kidd's might be the place to start (but blow me down-- I can't believe they used the classic "DRAW ME" pirate image in their restaurant ad-- of course maybe that just means the owners are comic book fans? rad.) Afterwards, a short, relaxing stroll around Old Town Village before getting down at Pascal's under the brain shaking intensity of their quadrasonic sound system... wait a sec, the ad says "intimate, luxurious atmosphere." Hmph! I guess we're bookin' over to the Peppermint Beach Club instead! And far-out, man, we still have PART TWO of our trip coming up next! Can you dig it?!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Monster's Room

A boy named Peter starts a monster club, but when the monsters suddenly become real he's forced to devise a far-out scheme to get rid of them! This is another fun Scholastic title from the 70's, The Monster's Room (aka Peter's Angel) is one of those books that just seems to have always been on my shelf at some point or another, whether as a kid and/or as an adult. Swiftly told and very funny, author Hope Campbell unleashes some recognizable classic monsters --as well as a few new ones-- and the sketchy stylized brilliance of Lilian Obligado's art really makes this one a keeper!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Quick Sandwich Treats

As promised, another cool mini Osterizer booklet from the 60's with super cute art and taste bud exploding recipes! :) I'm not sure I have the funds for a grilled lobster sandwich today, but a frankfurter-pickle or deviled egg sammie sounds pretty awesome! To the luncheonette!