Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Pigtail Club

It's the holidays, of course, and The Pigtail Club are heading to Movieland USA for Thanksgiving! Will they still have fun despite the nice weather and lack of parental supervision? Will they accidentally kill Clark Gable? Cute girl artwork (uncredited), plus a fun ad and some recipes from pretty lil Polly herself and Mr. Wet Hands! From the November 1947 issue of Polly Pigtails #22.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Polly's Pilgrimage

I haven't done much on the Thanksgiving themed posts yet this month, so maybe it's about time to do so! And here's a funny little Polly Pigtails poem from the November 1947 issue, ("Play Pumpkinball!"), plus a funny gag at the end, all beautifully illustrated by Vic Herman.

I'll have more from this issue in our next post too!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Outdoor Holiday Fun '66

The holidays are coming, and what better time to do an outdoor holiday fun camping post than in mid November when we midwestern MO folk just got 7+ inches of snow overnight! Booooo! But still, we can pretend like we're on Oahu or something and draw some inspiration from this handy Outdoor Holiday Fun Guide from Coleman, published in 1966. Yep, Coleman makes lanterns, and heaters, and furnaces, and griddles, and sleeping bags and other things to keep you warm 'n toasty (plus other things to keep your stuff chilled, like coolers!) Okay, everyone knows that stuff, so instead-- and in typical AEET fashion-- we're going to look at the cute key art illustrations (artist unknown) from this glorious lil booklet instead. It almost makes me wanna go camping. Almost. Or eat outdoors. Or catch an axe thrown at me. All things I would never in a million years ever do. Yes, Mr. Karswell is actually more of an indoor holiday fun kinda guy. Now you know.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Satanic S&P

If you've followed this blog for very long then you know of my love for odd salt and pepper shakers, and when lucky 'ol me recently stumbled upon this evil, grinning pair in Jefferson City, MO a few months back, I quickly snatched them up as if my very soul were at stake! Sloppy but fun paint job on both (which I believe actually makes them even more interesting) and though their horns are unfortunately broken off because of their 1940's, molded chalk consistency, I still say they are the coolest (aka hottest) S&P shakers none the less, and make an excellent addition to my infernal collection. Both still have their original cork stoppers plugged up in there too! Yes, there definitely is a reason for the coming season! Satanic seasonings, that is!

Friday, November 9, 2018

World's Smallest Skunk Puzzle

Another wonderful Cracker Jacks prize from back in the day, re-assemble the stinky skunk after you punch-out and mix-up all 12 pieces and frames. It's harder than it looks too! And yeah, it might not actually be the "world's smallest" puzzle-- but it's definitely the world's cutest!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Jetsons Racing Game

Found this really weird, cheapo cool dime store toy a few weeks back and seriously laugh every time I look at it, because hey, remember when the Jetsons used to drive a blue VW around on dirt roads in the sky--?!! Whatever this gloriously off model idea game concept is trying to convey, it's definitely not Jetsons! Still, a fun "made in Hong Kong" find (no date on it though) and the paper track that you wheel around with your thumb (see black dial on the left) is totally intact, and the steering mechanism actually does move the car back and forth along the road. It's wonderfully fun for about a minute and a half, but man, I do so love the Jetsons!

Okay, since I can't think of a good "Jane, stop this crazy thing!" type joke to add at the end here, I'm just gonna pull off at the Road Diner for some Plutonian pork chops instead. Later, friends...

Sunday, November 4, 2018


Following up my previous art deco post with yet another shapely lady figure for my shelf, and this time we're probably dated more around the 50's or 60's, and instead of cast metal we are made of hurriedly painted, lightweight ceramic. Also, we are most certainly made in Japan because the sticker on the bottom says so. Oh! Speaking of bottoms...


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Art Deco Doorstop, or Bookend?

Does anyone know anything about metal, art deco doorstops, or bookends? I found this Vampira-esque beauty recently and was interested in knowing who made it, what year, etc. For its size, it's quite heavy, solid (though flat on the backside), and seems to be cast with a bit more detail than some of the other doorstop types I've seen online while researching it. Any help would be great-- thank you!