Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Gain / Burn

After eating a couple bucket loads of halloween candy, you'd think that's the end of it, right? Nope. Here comes Thanksgiving with all the pies and mashed potatoes and gravies and candied yams (the yams did it!!), immediately followed by another month of xmas cookies and fudge and fruit job cakes and OMG don't even think about touching that one last wafer thin mint on New Year Evil!! Dr. James R. Wilson had some thoughts about this when, over half a century ago, he released his wonderfully illustrated (sadly uncredited) and very informative Better Homes and Garden Diet Book in 1955. If you're going to GAIN weight, then do it the RIGHT way. Right? Below are a few tips for proper ways of packing it on (delicious cold fried chicken right before bed isn't something everyone already lovingly knows about??!!) I've also been gracious enough to include a few ways you can BURN off a certain number of calories by barely doing anything at all too! I know, I know... I am all too kind. And FYI: this book is over 250 pages long, so we'll likely be seeing more from it in the next post too. And aside from the cafeteria and cover pic, everything here is scanned at 600%!!!

More to come, stay tuned-- and don't spoil your appetite!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Cook with Ketchup

November typically becomes the month when I turn up the juice on the food posts, and what better juice is there in this wonderful world than a thick, rich, dark red, warm and flowing gusher of bloo--- errr, I mean ketchup-- yes, KETCHUP into your liver pate, dill steak logs, mozzarella meat whirls, and scrumptious shrimp ho-ho! Granted your creoles, curries, and cacciatores might benefit from something a little classier than a couple bottle smacks of Heinz 57, but hey, this ain't the "and everything else too" blog for nothing! Yep, what it is is, it's another fun little 50's booklet bursting with jaw dropping recipes and incredibly cute artwork as can only ever seem to be found from this particular mid century, advertising time era. And who remembers when we crazy cooked with kooky ketchup back when I brazenly first started this blog back in 2010? Click HERE after todays post for a stroll down another good 'ol ketchup flavored memory lane. More foods coming up too!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 1962 (PART TWO)

Here we go with the last of the October 1962 Jack and Jill magazine material, featuring rotten riddles, gory games, suicidal songs, and sinister stories! But seriously, I hope everyone has a super fun, super safe holiday this evening, full of everything this blog promotes --plus lots of delicious candy!! See ya'll in naughty November... *wink!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween 1962

Did you think we were done with the Jack and Jill All Hallows fun this month? Oh, Hell no... not when I waltz into an antique shop just days before Halloween and find yet another vintage October issue of J&J staring back at me from a shelf! It's from 1962, and so packed with excellent tricks 'n treats, it might just take 2 posts to get it all in before the big day! So here we go again-- enjoy!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wizard Halloween Air Fresheners

A pair of cute, early 80's Halloween air fresheners from Wizard, each containing a bottom label warning for adults to inform children that though this wacky witch and scrumptious skeleton might look tasty, they are most certainly just sculpted hunks of fragrant wax and are absolutely NOT TO BE EATEN! Yes, nearly 4 decades old and they are still very much potent with a strong festive scent-- plus the skeleton still glows in the dark too!