Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The Wraith!

A cool taste of Michael T. Gilbert fun from his early underground comic days, more specifically, the July 1976 issue of Quack #1, where we shockingly discover that The Spirit-- errr-- I mean, "The Wraith" is a dog detective and taking on the baddies to save an innocently sexy sex kitten from-- errr-- sex! Great artwork and probably my favorite story in this dynamically ducky debut issue. Michael is probably best known for his superb run of magnificent 80's Mr. Monster comics.


Doc Briar said...

I enjoyed the Eisner parody with all its spot-on details.
Do the characters on the cover actual,y appear inside?
If so, does You-all Gibbon endorse Ape-nuts?

Guy Callaway said...

A dog detective?
Maybe this was the inspiration for the '90's failed pilot 'Poochinski', which features a dead police officer reincarnated as a talking bulldog.
Really! :)

Mr. Cavin said...

I have that issue in a box somewhere. Man, I totally forgot about this, but in seventh or eighth grade, I had a friend who incessantly drew canine detective types, aping this story's style. Not an Eisner spoof, but an Eisner spoof spoof. Also: This kind of underground stuff was pretty potent catnip for thirteen year old artists like ourselves. The fact that real professionals churned-out this kind of funny animal cartooning--and then blew the top off the comics industry with it a few years later--made it seem like an iron-clad game plan to us. I mean, who couldn't draw a Ninja Turtle? We were all going to strike it rich with our own brilliant [adjective] [animal] [genre] characters. Anybody could do it!

Brian Barnes said...


That's a great Frank Brunner cover!

This is a pretty good Eisner parody, and it really follows the formula. The title embedded in the splash, page 2 is really great, and at first I didn't notice some of the fun details like the rat Solly actually turning into a real chicken at the end!

First panel of the last page, with the knife in the hat and the chain around the neck is a great cartoon image.