Tuesday, March 5, 2024

A Western Union Valentine Greeting

Better late than never, because I just realized that I completely forgot to show you this lovely old 1930's Western Union Valentine Greeting I found last month. Sent from Von to Ellen, with the sweet message, "Too far to kiss you, but this greeting says: "I miss you, dear Valentine." Awww! The envelope address window has yellowed and is starting to crumble, but overall everything else is still in very good condition, and the beautiful Walter Beach Humphrey header art is as eye catching, and appropriate as ever. There are many things I could add here about how this type of romantic gesture pales in comparisons to todays texts and PMs / DMs, but love is still love no matter how it is expressed, and the opinions of this dumb blog editor are rarely of any value.


Brian Barnes said...

Speaking of DMs, keeping the caps lock down on the typewriter still has the effect of seeming like ol' Von is just screaming at Ellen. TOO FAR TO KISS YOU!!!! YES, YOU!

Is the = a thing back then or was the guy just a lousy typist who didn't love Ellen enough to use white out?

JMR777 said...

....the opinions of this dumb blog editor are rarely of any value.

Not so for fans of AEET, your opinion as to what gets shown here are of immense value to us.
Don't put yourself down Karswell.

As to the Western Union Telegram, its a time capsule to another time, a more innocent time, a time that whose like we shall not see again, sadly.

The art is great, I could imagine it is something found in Prince Valiant, or Lancelot and Queen Guinevere sharing a forbidden moment.

Mr. Cavin said...

We have a friend who really romanticizes telegrams. So for her birthday a few years ago we sent her happy birthday message by Western Union. It took three days and cost forty-five dollars. I can't remember how many words it was, but not many. She was overjoyed, and I suppose she still has it framed on her desk or something. Ever notice how expensive frames are?

Point being, it's still possible to send a telegram. Who knew? And it still gets there in just a few days!