Tuesday, March 26, 2024

5th, 6th, and 13th Periods

I picked up a stack of these cute, mid century "Period" calendars recently, all dating from 1956 and 1957. Each has a colorful, electrically designed backing card, and most importantly, a stocking clad pin-up gal to grace your pool hall, garage wall, or where ever (the backside of the card contains an assortment of mediocre text jokes, oh well...) Out of all of these that that I scored, the trio I've chosen to spotlight in todays post are the most interesting, ie: the 5th Period inverted leg table being the oddest, the darling 6th Period roller derby queen preparing to shoot the duck, and my absolute fave, the 13th Period glamor puss who appears to be judging an elementary school owl drawing contest, or some-thing. This last card also has the weird addition of a spilled red ink drip, or is it a drop of blood? Hey, what kind of period calendar is this now, anyway?!!


Brian Barnes said...

1957 repeats again in 2030, so you've got a chance to use this calendar!

Owls? Mutant cats? Sharp Teddy Bears? Who knows, but here's my broke-back pose!

My favorite is the roller derby queen. I know there's a couple different facial expressions you get on pin-ups but smug is always my favorite, and this gal is 9 out of 10 on the smug scale!

JMR777 said...

At first I thought the period mentioned had something to do with moon cycles, though looking at past history of cycles of the moon from 1956-57 didn't show the same cycle, no full moon or new moon for the cycles listed.

Maybe some company had to run some process in a 28 day cycle, get parts produced or books printed in a 28 day timeframe.

Off topic, I re-sent the story and posted it under the alabaster lamp post, Blogger wouldn't take it because I made it too long. Hopefully you can get it and read it now.

Mr. Karswell said...

I’ve just read it and enjoyed it very much! I’ve also just approved all 4 comment parts on the post, and I encourage everyone to head back over there and check it out! Thank you,JMR! :)


Mr. Cavin said...

Aw, roller derby is the bomber! She looks tough as nails. Rumble young ma'am rumble.

JMR777 said...

I'm glad you liked the story, its my small way of repaying you, Karswell, for all the great stuff you post on all of your blogs.

Craftypants Carol said...

I like the third lady best. She looks like she knows what she wants - an abstract owlcat piece of art to hang in a nook - and no one is going to stop her from getting it.