Saturday, July 23, 2022

Don Post Frankenstein Prop

Another big monster score this week: a 30+ inch tall Don Post Frankenstein prop from the early 90's. I actually have a few of these larger size, seemingly hand painted, squishy foam prop toys or whatever they are (a werewolf, a witch, and a ghost girl too, though I'm not sure if those were actually made by Don Post or not but are of the same exact material.) This one still had the DP "care sheet" card attached, and googlin' around I see they also made a Halloween Michael Myers... but I think Frankie here takes the cake, looking aggravated as Hell at not only being alive again, but then also having to stand around outside and get his goddamn picture taken in 100 degree midwest heat by yours truly! And as you can see in the last photo as well, the backside of him is rough and unfinished, as if pulled raw right out of the mold (my ghost girl is like that too), for no ifs ands or buts, essential prime time leanin' against the wall action!


Brian Barnes said...

That's a really nice piece! There's some relatively fine painting on that, in the stitches, in the hair, the thin red line under the eyes. Pretty cool!

You need to show all your other ones!

Mr. Cavin said...

Oh wow, yeah, they just sort of stopped working around back there, didn't they? Ha! I sure love the front though. Frankie is so emo. I can't decide if he looks more like young Patrick David Kelly or one of Chas Addams' original illustrations of Lurch. Either way, now I'm imagining Kelly in the Addams Family: ♫ Goooomez, come out to plaaaay!

Mr. Karswell said...

haha, he does look like Lurch, lol... I guess you guys on facebook get privy to the others in my collection! :)