Wednesday, July 6, 2022


Sounds silly, but this is actually a clever, though incredibly simple, spatter free, midcentury cooking concept: a specifically shaped piece of glass with a handle on one side to press your bacon flat while sizzlin' it up in a frying pan. Personally, I like my bacon to look like a curly wurly roller coaster, and if this didn't say Sunset Speciality Co. on the bacony last image, I'd swear this was absolutely made by Ronco. Cute booklet artwork though, and of course works wonders for other foods too. Iron your bacon-- TODAY!


Brian Barnes said...

I'm going to do it. Get on your crash helmets and bite on a piece of crispy bacon: The woman on the top left of page 2? She can iron my bacon anytime!

Mr. Cavin said...

Hmm. I feel like ironed bacon could not conceivably be as crispy, without overcooking, as wavy bacon is. I mean, those curves matter. Can you imagine eating perfectly flat potato chips?

Anyway, somebody try this out and tell me how it goes.

Tom said...

I've been an oven bacon cooker convert for years. No curling and cooks a lot more evenly.