Friday, January 7, 2022

The Silent One! + TRON Cup '81

I found one (out of the 4) TRON movie promotional Coca Cola plastic cups from 1981 yesterday, and then thought, hey, let's keep things a bit on the scary sci-fi angle for AEET Friday Frights this week too. Heck, we might just do a full month of Fridays in this manner if that sounds like something you guys 'n gals would be interested in. So how'z'about one from the May 1953 issue of Men's Adventures #21, with art by fantastic Fred Kida, --I guess the minor connection with the TRON cup being the "machine brain computer" story detail-- but! also being a classic Atlas terror tale, it of course has an equally electrifying twist! So enjoy, I'll be chuggin' some New Coca Pebbles with marshmallows out of my terrific new cup!


Brian Barnes said...

Ah, worth it for a kiss!

The splash is great, but a real head fake, and it's too bad, I'd really have liked to see that robot go around smashing poor puny humans. And, yes, a man dripping with ... something ... is something to be afraid of!

Again, that's a great robot! Kida goes all out on the machines in this one. Lots of stuff to pour over each panel.

The scientist is a great look, there's obviously a bit of Einstein in there. The melted robot and our poor sap is another great image. This one really hits it out of the park for art.

Doc Briar said...

Have to agree with B.Barnes. The panel of the dead Hugh next to his plastic fantastic lover is top notch.
The Tron cups remind me of the 7-11 Marvel Comics cups I had in the seventies. Do you have any in the Karswell Kollection?

Mr. Cavin said...

Man, Kida's a real fave. The man was good at everything, but his character work is what really gets me. These people are all so fully realized. I really want to see the sitcom starring a spectacularly well-combed Einstein, a pre-PSYCHO Anthony Perkins, and Deborah Kerr as the Kissbot.

I had all four of those cups TRON at the time. Probably got them going to a fast food restaurant, right? Those were a little different. The David Warner cup I had pictured Sark's cool aircraft carrier-looking barge on the other side. I think what you've got is actually a Disney movie theater promo, and it's the only design in the series. That's why everybody's on it. But, as always, I'm not collector, and I could be wrong.

Guy Callaway said...

I love me a good "AIEEEEEE"!
@Mr. Cavin: Actually, that sitcom exists. It's 'My Living Doll', with Bob Cummings & Julie Newmar.

Todd said...

Corry! Corry! Corry. Corry…