Sunday, July 11, 2021

Love That Pipe

Here's a cute little booklet from 1966 about loving your pipe. Funny, (though uncredited) illustrations accompany everything you ever needed to know about the subject, from picking and breaking-in your pipe, to cleaning, treating, and even caring for one that has become "sick." So enjoy a healthy pipe today, even if everyone around you is pinching their noses and making grimacing faces to your rather unhealthy little habit / hobby. (Please not that comments mentioning the "Prince Albert in a can joke" will not be approved.)


Craftypants Carol said...

Neat! The illustrations kind of remind me of some of the cool human loony tunes cartoons.

By the way … you better let him out!!!

Mr. Cavin said...

I like the way a pipe smells okay--at least in comparison with other kinds of smoking. But man, the things always seem like so much work. What a chore a pipe is. Now I can see why all of the pipe smokers I know are hobbyists--you gotta have a pipe and cleaners and a tamp and a reaming device and, what, even a second pipe if you want to smoke twice in the same day. So they gotta become collectors, too. Buy one pipe and before they know it they're out pricing fancy racks that hold dozens of the things.

I like that ice cube illo the best.

Guy Callaway said...

Sorry, but I'll stick to my chewin' tobacco.
That is SO complete, it actually makes me want to take up the pipe!
Maybe that was the idea?

Mr. Karswell said...

Anybody notice where this tobacco company was located? Winston-Salem NC! haha

Thanks for the comments-- something a little more explosive in our next post-- STAY BOOMED!

Brian Barnes said...

What's with the women vs pipe illustrations? I know it can be artistic short hand and I was willing to give it a pass until the bed picture, now that's just weird!

And stop mentioning "cake" with pipe smoking, you're going to put me off my twinkees!

Mr. Cavin said...

"Winston Salem, NC"

But of course. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. manufactures, like, more than half of all tobacco products. And Lorillard is the next town over. American Tobacco up in Durham. There's also Liggett and Alliance elsewhere in the state. The crop is grown all around the south--and in lots of other countries--but the stuff is canned or rolled or otherwise packaged right in North Carolina or Virginia (by Philip Morris). I think cigarettes are still the number one employer in the state, somehow. Back in their carcinogenic heyday, all the banks in the US moved into Winston-Salem just to be nearby. Winstons and Salems are both cigarette brands (though I think Salems are going the way of the dodo now that we are finally on the cusp of outlawing menthols). So are Raleighs. Camels, Cools, Luckies--just about every kind of cigarette I can think of (except Marlboros) are made within a hundred miles of my home town.