Friday, April 2, 2021


 Friday Frights returns to AEET with some serious evil this week! Those of you that are faint of heart, pregnant, and / or with children under 12 in the room may wish to provide some parental guidance on the following horrors courtesy of the short-lived, late 50's terrors of Zany #1Zany #3, and Zany #4. Featuring abominable artwork by ghastly golden age era legends like Bill Everett, Paul Reinman, John Forte and more!


Brian Barnes said...

The most horrific thing in this entire series of gags is "butter pecan" flavored toothpaste. I'm hiding under the couch just thinking about it!

Is the guy with the polka dots teeth supposed to be Liberace?

I love the hand in the cigarette parody, everything about it is great. The hair, the stitches, the skull, and the Popeye tattoo!

Mrs Crinkel is one sexy mummy!

Art imitates life: We've had a couple wester/dinosaur mash-ups by now, as I recall!

Keep the Friday Frights rolling!

JMR777 said...

Page two, Frankenstein Goes Nuts, will bolts imbedded on one's neck be the new body piercing craze?

I think either Mrs. Crinkel or her sister became Mummy for John Stanley's Melvin Monster.

Another Fun Fright Friday, Fangs, I mean Thanks.

Doc Briar said...

Are the Zany ads a forerunner of Wacky Packages?
I also think the polka dots guy is Liberace.

Armpit Studios said...

Who drew the last one about dinosaurs? It looks very similar to an early MAD artist, although I'm drawing a blank at this moment.

Mr. Cavin said...

I think my favorite part of this is the Paul Reinman toothpaste couple. I feel like it probably existed before that heart of polka-dotted paste was superimposed over the illustration. Maybe not. Reinman gives great monster, that's for sure. Otherwise, what I watched last night was The Lair of the White Worm. I hesitate to imagine how that's changed me.

Armpit Studios: That last one is by John Forte. I do not know that he ever worked for MAD, but he was all over Atlas.

Armpit Studios said...

Thanks. It's reminding me of George Woodbridge art, like his "43-Man Squamish".

Mr. Karswell said...

And just a reminder that you can always click on the highlighted comic book issue names linked to the Grand Comic Database in my introductions to get all the info about the stories, typically: artist, inker/pencils, writer, etc... just like how I had it set up over at THOIA.

Thanks for the comments!