Sunday, April 4, 2021

Day of the Rabbit Bugs

So where does Easter stack up against Mr. Karswell's favorite holiday of Halloween, you ponder? Well, it's got candy, it's got a supernatural being returning from the dead, and it's got people dressing up in old fashioned, totally cute bunny costumes. Seriously what could be better? Well, Halloween, of course, but here's a few Collegeville classics from the ever expanding Karswell Kollection to remind us all that the superior holiday is actually only 210 days away --and only 26 until Walpurgisnacht!


Brian Barnes said...

Did I miss a decade where witch rabbits were a thing? I swear I'd remember that!

"Do not wash. Washing removes flame retardancy." Uh, maybe do not wear, either, that seems a little sketchy!

I really like both these costumes, the bugs is relatively on model for the most part, and that's usually pretty hard in these 3D molds, which usually need to have proportions that might not match up with the character. It's recognizable as Bugs!

Mr. Cavin said...

I love the fact that the top one is, like, some kind of a witch rabbit. Or maybe a pilgrim? Well, either way, it's a Halloween costume of a rabbit in a Halloween costume.

Happy Easter!

Wendy said...

When the box art is better than the product..... ♥

top_cat_james said...

Tweety and Bugs can hardly contain their glee at fleecing an unsuspecting youngster. "SUCKER!!"